Hastings Road Home

This large speculative home was built on a challenging leftover lot on this prestigious street in Mountain Brook.  Lower than the street, it was important to keep the roof from dominating the view of the house.

Greenway Home

This  traditional French home replaced  an old structure  in a highly desirable location in Mountain Brook, AL.  The side alley  allowed us to load the garage to the left  side. To preserve the park-like setting, we brought the garage forward. A slate roof and meticulous landscape illustrate the importance of detail. 

Dell Road Home

A prestigious location, this unique French home occupies half a newly divided lot.   Lower than the road, it was important to keep the roof from becoming the focal point. Height restrictions required a creative solution for the roof, leading to an interesting result.

2 Smyer Lake Homes

These two Smyer Lake Houses  are next door neighbors at this prestigious lake's very best location. They are separated by 9 years.

The concept for the first was a modern lake camp. The second  is a rustic modern home.  Both were designed to take advantage of the extraordinary view of lake and mountain ridge backdrop.

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