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Experience guides us in the thousands of decisions, major and mundane, that must be made during the process of design. We highly value the ideas of clients. We never lose sight of the fact that the home we are designing must reflect our clients' lifestyle rather than our own.



We have designed gracious custom homes for the past 27 years:

*new builds


*re-imagining existing space/ renovation

*phased master plans for the future 

*interior planning, detailing & design

*selection of interior fixtures, furnishings and finishes

Ideas generate ideas

 Showing our clients many ideas is the best way to work through the design process. How much better it is to compare several solutions and choose the best ideas that suit their lifestyle.


This methodology  delivers the best results. By reviewing  many ideas and comparing them, the process takes far less time than the conventional  method of reviewing one plan at a time. This, in turn, translates into cost savings for our clients. 

Elements of a Great Home

*simplicity of massing

*beautiful proportions

*meticulous detail

*a focal point


A Few important Qualities

to consider for any residential design professional:

their level of experience 

understanding of building  systems 

knowledge and understanding of architectural styles 

sense of proportion and detail 

ability and willingness to work with other design professionals as a  team

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